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On Location – Messini, Greece


Onto our third Beachclub shoot, this time at one of Neilson’s newer resorts, Messini. Based on the mainland it has a completely different feel to both Lemnos and Lesvos. On arrival my first impressions were its size and it’s contemporary architectural design. As the coach pulled down the narrow, rural, rustic country lanes the Beachclub appeared like a glistening contemporary palace on the horizon.

The resort offers both hotel and garden rooms all beautifully furnished. Glass balconies, huge high ceilings making the rooms feel extremely light and airy, large showers with glass features and massive beds which are extremely comfy. All rooms have fantastic views over either the large, turquoise pool or the sea.

The resort itself covers a huge area with the impressive pool in the centre next to the newly built pool bar. Enjoy a cocktail, G and T or beer whilst sitting in a funky wooden chair with brightly coloured cushions. Watch your children in the play area or pool whilst you sit, relax, enjoy the beachy music and your favourite drink!

The long sandy beach runs for miles along the waterfront meaning that the beach club has a lot of beach space. Relax on a sun bed or make the most of the large sailing area if you are a watersports lover! We managed to capture some fantastic footage with the DJI Phantom 2 drone showing the size of the sailing area, the beach and the resort and it’s rural surroundings.

The highlight of the week for filming was the biking. Messini offers both mountain and road biking and has a huge variety of bikes on offer. We filmed a mountain bike ride called ‘watersplash’ which follows the coast through the olive groves and crosses shallow rivers and streams. We captured some fantastic footage filming out the back of an open truck which was leading the ride. We also stood in the middle of the shallow river with the Fs700 and DJI ronin to capture some epic action as the guests rode through the water on bikes, you can imagine slow motion splashes!

About 25km from the resort are the Ancient ruins of Messini. One of the road bike routes climbs up hill through small Greek villages to the ruins. After a steady climb you can stop for a frappe or expresso in a local taverna and enjoy the views of the Ancient ruins and the rolling unspoilt countryside looking back towards the sea.

We really enjoyed capturing the Road biking on camera and managed to shoot some great action hanging out the back of the van with our camera in front of the bikers whilst one of the Neilson staff drove up the steep hill! We flew the drone at the highest point of the ride to capture the spectacular views and the bikers descending down the amazing hair pin bends!

Messini is an all round resort and offers great conditions for every activity. I would particularly recommend a visit if you are a keen biker or want to improve your biking skills. The 5 tennis courts are also fabulous for all levels and this resort couldn’t be safer for kids. It’s a modern, chic and stylish resort with the beach beauty!

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