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GlobalShots Beach Clean

By November 5, 2017Uncategorized

Eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year according to a recent study published in Science. If no action is taken there will be more plastic than fish by 2050.

GlobalShots was born from our love for the ocean, our days photographing windsurfers, spending hours filming friends in the waves. We spend most our days in the water whether it’s working, windsurfing, paddleboarding, surfing. We need to look after our oceans.

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After seeing the rubbish washed up on our beaches after the recent storms and tail end of hurricanes we thought it was time we did our little bit and therefore have launched the ‘GlobalShots Beach Clean‘ campaign. It may seem small on the grand scale of things but if everyone does their little bit it makes a huge difference! There are many ways to help protect our beautiful ocean and collecting rubbish when you see it on the beach is just one of the ways.

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Today we held our first ‘GlobalShots Beach Clean‘ on one of our favourite beaches on the Isle of Wight called Compton, located on the South side of the island.

We started small with a team of 4 people but in one hour we had collected 17kg of rubbish. The majority of this being plastic bottles! We were all amazed at how much we collected. At first glance along the beach there didn’t look like there was much to collect but the harder we looked and the further we walked, the more rubbish appeared and the worse it got. We collected all sorts from plastic bottles, shoes, polystyrene, crates, old fishing nets, bottle lids, shoes, the list goes on…however the amount of plastic bottles we found was SHOCKING – a real eye opener.

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What we learnt from just over one hour of beach cleaning:

  • There is way more rubbish than you see at first glance!
  • Not all amenity sites recycle plastic – all our efforts were about to be put into landfill. Check that where you are taking your rubbish will be recycled properly!

We will be hosting our ‘GlobalShots Beach Cleans‘ regularly all over the world. Stay posted on our social media channels for locations and timings, we want everyone to get involved and do their little bit! Bring dogs, bring flasks, bring friends and family. Bring gloves!

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