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Adventure: ‘An unusual and exciting or daring experience’

By June 13, 2016Uncategorized
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Whilst I wouldn’t call myself an ‘adventurer’, reserving that title for the likes of Mike Horn, Aimee Fuller (Red Bull Snowboarder) and even the Famous Five characters from the Enid Blyton classic, I definitely consider myself an adventure seeker. Perhaps the latter definition of adventure applies more directly to my antics however, namely as ‘a reckless or potentially hazardous action or enterprise’, but either way, I am very into my ‘outdoorsy’ stuff and extreme sports.

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Dressing for such activities has always proved somewhat tasking for me. Not because I am being ‘girly’ and trying to dig out a flattering top in Millets or because I am trying to colour coordinate my outfits (although I have been guilty of that on a few occasions) but because I’ve never found anything that is quite right. I’m either too hot or too cold, hypothermia or heat stroke, goosebumps or sunburn! If it’s not sunburn then it is some form of friction burn from scraping it on the track after falling off my mountain bike or stacking it on the dry ski slope. But the biggest fashion faux pas? Wearing a normal cotton t-shirt over the top of my bikini during water based activities – hello soggy boob prints!(which may even be accompanied by two cheeky sweat patches under the armpits later on in the day if you’re lucky!)


Thankfully, GlobalShots have since stepped in to solve my quandary with their brand new ‘Adventure Top’. As a company that produces creative content for the world’s leading action sports, outdoors lifestyle & adventure travel brands, I trust that they know what they are doing. They understand what us ‘adventurers’ need and they got it spot on with the new long-sleeved addition to their apparel collection.

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With a smart design and choice of three colours (I want them all!), I can now confidently say I’ve found ‘the one’. Instead of the boring ‘practical’ sports tops found in most outdoor stores (I’m naming no names!), this top is refreshingly different and as someone who normally steers clear of fluorescent yellow for fear of looking like a builder in a high-vis vest, I even loved the Fluro Yellow option!

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The Neoteric textured fabric is perfect for exercising in, with no dodgy sweat patches in sight, whilst its inherent wickability draws moisture away from the skin. Lightweight and breathable, this top also offers UV protection and a UPF rating of 30+ meaning you can bum around in the sun all day.


Technical ‘product description’ stuff aside, it is the perfect top for your adventures. It even doubles up as a super comfortable pyjama top too, although I’m not sure that was the sales pitch the team were going for at GlobalShots!


Comfortable, practical and with no soggy boob prints in sight, it’s a match made in heaven!

Blog by: Joanne Clarke

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